If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are my mom.  Whether or not this is the case, thanks for stopping by!  (And if it is the case, any chance you could make some meatballs next time we come over?)

My name is Mike Todd, and this site is a repository of my “Just Humor Me” columns that have been running in small newspapers in the Philadelphia area, near where I grew up, since 2005.  The column has won five Keystone Press Awards over the years, so it’s possible that people other than my mom have read it.  (I now live in New York’s Hudson Valley, but because the papers that carry the column are in Philadelphia, I think that might be some kind of secret, so don’t tell anybody.)

Note to younger readers: If you’re not familiar with newspapers, they are what happens when you print out the internet.

I post new columns every Sunday night.  This has become a weekly ritual for me, like brushing my teeth.  (Update: The column now runs every other week, to keep life from spiraling totally out of control.  I still brush my teeth at least weekly, though.)

The cast of characters includes my wife Kara, our sons Evan and Zack, our dog and former-getter-of-all-our-attention Memphis, and assorted other family, friends and unsuspecting passersby.

Here’s our little family, about three seconds after giving up on getting a serious Christmas card picture:


See?  The dog didn’t even make it in there.

If you have questions, comments, guacamole recipes, or syndication offers that are too embarrassingly lavish to mention in the comments section below, you can reach me at mikectodd@gmail.com.  You can also visit the other half of my vast media empire at hikethehudsonvalley.com, where I’ve written 60+ trail guides, some of which are helpful, and many of which are accurate.

Thanks so much for dropping by!  I’m looking forward to the meatballs.

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