Just Humor Me: Now with 50% less humor!

In a move that may upset the regular reader(s) of this column, Just Humor Me is now going to be written and posted here every two weeks, rather than weekly. The timing is rather unfortunate, as I just moved this blog to a URL that has the word “weekly” in it, but I’m still going to keep the site here, mostly because I’m not sure if the new URL should be justhumormebiweekly.wordpress.com or justhumormesemiweekly.wordpress.com. You could really make the case either way.

These days, as life has been throwing decreasing free time my way, this column has been chewing up an increasing percentage of what’s left. About a month ago, just as I’d gotten my head wrapped around the idea of quitting the column altogether, my editor from the Chestnut Hill Local wrote to say, “Congratulations on your Keystone Press Award!”

Without telling me, he’d submitted three of my columns to the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, and I’d won second place. It was really bizarre timing, and convinced me to keep plugging away at the column for perhaps another decade or so.

But not every week anymore, or I’ll be just humoring myself into an early grave.

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for all your encouragement over the years. I hope to keep this thing going for many more.


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