Your weekly Evan


7 thoughts on “Your weekly Evan

  1. Thanks, dudes. I know I'm partial, but he is pretty effing cute, isn't he?

    Perlson, he doesn't blink? Do you have a lot of pictures of Isaac blinking? These aren't Harry Potter pictures — they just kind of stay the way you take them.


  2. So are Perlson/IndiaSpeaks saying that because “Evan” isn't blinking in the photographs that this ISN'T the real Evan? OH NOES! Where is Lil' Dude? Come to think of it……there's no photographs of Memphis, either! Maybe she's out searching for the REAL Evan!!!

    Don't you worry, Lil' Dude! Perlson and his trusty side-kick IndiaSpeaks will find you!

    P.S. May have had one too many cups of coffee.


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