You’ve been mooned

Just fiddling around with the new camera, turning dials and seeing what happens. Here are some shots of the nearly full moon last night:


7 thoughts on “You’ve been mooned

  1. Russ — Roooar! Scared you, didn’t I? That was from a toy commercial from my childhood, but I can’t remember which one. Oh, and you’re a good man.JP — You have to ask your mom. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you.Perlson — Enough with the comments and make with the mastheads.Buster — *shaking broom* Get off my lawn! No, seriously, I think we were standing in the same spot taking those pictures. Nice shots, man.


  2. Yo Chris! It only looks cool ’cause the camera is pointed up. If I pointed it towards the ground, everyone would see that Memphis has made our yard look like the track at the Kentucky Derby.


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