Freaky Frickin’ Picture Wednesday

Last week, a local paranormal investigator was on the morning radio between Kelly Clarkson songs talking about winning a contest put on by the SciFi Channel. He apparently took the best picture of a ghost. I am refraining from putting double quotes around the words paranormal investigator and ghost, but I think we all see them there anyway.

Regardless, I find this stuff interesting enough to Google and steal from the internet, so here’s the winning picture, taken at an old abandoned girls’ college:

I think that’s the ghost in the upper-left window. She looks a little curtain-y to me, but you can kinda make out a face. The legend is that she’s still wandering the halls of the old girls’ dorm, waiting for her roommate to come back and finally fill the damn Brita.

If you want to see the other ghost pics, the contest blog is here: Make sure your Depends are tightly secured before clicking that link, especially if you become incontinent when looking at pictures of screen doors.


12 thoughts on “Freaky Frickin’ Picture Wednesday

  1. My apartment is in an old converted school building. I was hoping Ichabod Crane would be haunting my space, but if he is, he hasn’t made himself known. Oh well . . . Maybe the ghost of a janitor will come and clean the place up for me!


  2. I’m with shandi. I watch that ghost hunters too. But what I like about it is , they try to debunk all the stuff. And only with real hard proof do they say maybe something is there.


  3. Exactly!!! I watch Ghost Hunters for the same reason. Very rarely do they come across something that cannot be explained with science. Most often it’s dust particles in the air that get picked up with the camera flash.


  4. Michele — Sounds like a cool place! I’d be hoping for the ghost of a lunch lady to hit me up with some Pizza Day action.The rest of y’all — Interesting, dudes. Think I’ll check this show out. Are the dust particles spooky? Don’t know if I could handle that.


  5. How did I get this far behind?? This is unacceptable. I will speak to my boss on Monday to register my unhappiness at falling behind on my blog reading. In the meantime, keep up the good work Mike!


  6. Anna and Mrs. Who — Nice to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by. Loch Lomond — I’m typing this response to you using only my rectum. Now we’ve both proven that assholes can post comments!


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