Picture of a good frickin’ painting

I bought Kara a few watercolor lessons for her birthday a couple years back, and here’s the first painting she busted out:

The FIRST frickin’ one. But she doesn’t paint anymore. To me, that seems as much of a shame as if Lance Armstrong quit biking to take watercolor lessons, and discovered that he had a natural talent at painting, but then quit taking the lessons because it’s just a bunch of old ladies in there. I guess it wouldn’t be as sad if Kara won the Tour de France just once, but I’m not holding my breath anymore.


19 thoughts on “Picture of a good frickin’ painting

  1. The only thing better than that beautiful painting is the fact that Kara has her number one supporter at her side, consistently singing her praises. 🙂Yeah, she has a knack, and should definitely keep with it. It’s lovely.


  2. Y’all are so helpful — Kara’s going to her watercolor lesson next week. Nothing like a little passive-aggressive harassment on a spouse’s blog to get the ball rolling (or the brush moving).


  3. Honestly, I love Kara’s paintings…If you think this one was good and it was her first, you should see some of the paintings that followed.She definitely has a knack for it – a true talent. Who’d of thought she’s good with computers and painting?! :o)


  4. I agree with all of the above schleps. If nothing else, it’ll give her a great opportunity to make fun of scads of old ladies who like to sit around painting pictures!Watercolors were my favorite when I took all those nifty “art” classes in high school. I actually did one pretty swell picture of a tree, but it’s probably gone gone gone by now. Now if only I could figure out this damn “writing” thing, I’d be in bizniss!!!


  5. Its beautiful…she should keep going. Oh and she could give you lots of blog entries about the old ladies who paint around her. Make sure she takes her spy camera next week!! lol


  6. Haha — thanks for the advice. Glad y’all liked her painting. I think it’s fair to say that Kara’s artistic abilities are exceeded only by her exceptionally acute taste in men.


  7. Stunning. But what’s that I see in the water? If I tilt my head a bit to the left, it looks like, maybe a face– but of what? An alien? No, NO! It can’t be! He’s dead I tell you, Elvis is DEAD!


  8. Mike, may I use this picture for a creative piece I will then link Kara’s picture – back to this site… when you click on it?Let me know on my site?xsapphire


  9. Hy Mike,Thank Kara for permission to use her painting, I have put my posting (it is actually the skeletal of my thought, one that I think I will more on as time goes on… but the first stage of it is as is… I hope Kara likes the piece… her painting was immediately exactly what I wanted and had searched for… xsapph


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