A Beautiful Chunkset

This week’s Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesday comes courtesy of Jered Earl “Chunks” Widmer. You may remember him from such wedding toast animations as the one directly below this post.

Chunks just started up a new blog. Check it out when you get a moment. Who knows, after a while, he might be your favorite one-eyed homosexual narcoleptic, too.


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Chunkset

  1. Awesome pic! That guy Chunks must be such an happy individual to capture such peaceful scenes. A novice myself, I know for a fact that capturing the colors can be an hard thing to do. A incredibly hard thing to do when you don’t think you’ve got a honest chance in 10 to get the right shot.Be sure to give Chunks an heartfelt ‘Thumbs Up!’ from me, will ya?


  2. The photo is a sunrise, actually. So it’s a “Chunkrise”. I was on my way out the door to head to work, and just had to go grab my camera. Thanks for the comments!


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