Friends with benefits

My buddy Rob took the shot for this week’s Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesday. Rob used to be all cool, but then he got a job with, like, health insurance benefits and stuff. Nobody cool has health insurance. Booooor-iiiiiing.

Rob lives in Venice Beach, where he is one of three non-panhandlers. He takes some mean pictures — he’s got one of those old-fangled cameras with F-stops and stuff, like the pilgrims used.

Rob just fractured two vertebrae in his lower back while skiing in a Big Air contest. At least he’s putting that insurance to good use. Good luck with your broken arse, man.

You can check out more of Rob’s pics here.


7 thoughts on “Friends with benefits

  1. Shandi —I had no idea that that flower was getting around behind my back. I had an inkling about its flexible morals, but now it’s confirmed. Where’s that tramp been?


  2. Haha — I get it now. Dude, I am seriously freaking dense. Y’all should check out Shandi’s blog — besides being especially bitchin’, it also has a great shot of the flower that travels the country, jumping in front of people’s cameras.


  3. So, where was Rob when he broke the arse? I ask only because I was at Copper Mountain, CO that week, and there were thousands of snowboarders there for a big national competition.Funny stuff here, I’ll be back!


  4. Hey Jim — thanks, man. Glad you stopped by. I think it might have been at Mt. Baldy, somewhere near LA. Didn’t know you could ski in LA, but apparently you can. Rob’s probably pissed that I didn’t mention that he got second place –and he also got a free snowmobile ride. What a great day.


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