Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesdays begin!

It’s kinda boring only posting on Mondays, but I don’t have time to do much more than that. The solution? Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesdays! Every Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesday, I’ll post puzzles, games, and… no, wait, maybe I’ll just stick to frickin’ pictures. So columns on Mondays, frickin’ pictures on Wednesdays. Word.

Here’s the first one:

My buddy Jeff Hofer took this one in Guatemala. He’s wandering around Central America, where, apparently, children throw hay at him. This won’t be Hofer’s last installment on Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesdays. He takes some good frickin’ pictures.

If you are a magazine editor, and you don’t have this picture on your cover, what’s wrong with you?


10 thoughts on “Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesdays begin!

  1. Good idea for Wednesdays. It makes me look like less of a lunatic for checking this page every ten minutes when I know full well you update once a week. Now there are TWO ten-minute intervals that I’m not a lunatic.


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